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Microsoft Cortana Disabled On Android Phones; Here’s Why

Microsoft Cortana Disabled On Android Phones; Here’s Why
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Microsoft Cortana Disabled On Android Phones; Here’s Why

Microsoft Cortana, which was recently introduced on iOS, Cyanogen and Android devices, has been temporarily disabled. Read on to know why.

To promote Windows 10, one of the most spoken-about features of this operating system, Cortana, was introduced on iOS, Cyanogen and Android devices. But Microsoft Cortana has now been temporarily disabled on Android devices.

It has only been a few days since Microsoft Cortana was introduced to other devices. Then why did the company disable the virtual assistant? In a statement given to VentureBeat, a Microsoft spokesperson said, “We’ve received user feedback that the ‘Hey Cortana’ feature is conflicting with Android voice search and are temporarily disabling the feature while we evaluate a solution.” On Android devices, there is another voice-activated search function called “Google Now.” The two features offering the same service were conflicting. Microsoft will now work on the issues and relaunch Cortana on Android.

This led to frustration to some users. On the Google Play page, there were mixed reviews from users. Marqus S. on December 20 wrote, “It’s a cool alternative as an assistant, reasonably useful, but not the best. I don’t mind the removal of the Hey Cortana feature, when enabled it interfered with the function of the microphone outside the Cortana app. Fix that before you bring it back.” We are sure that when the app comes back, Android users will be happy to use Windows 10 Cortana without bugs. Right now, Microsoft Cortana is available to Android users only in the USA and China.

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There is no information available as to how long it will take for Cortana to return to Android. We hope it comes soon.

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