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Microsoft Corp Unintentionally Leaks Update of Windows 8.1

Microsoft Corp Unintentionally Leaks Update of Windows 8.1


Microsoft Corp Unintentionally Leaks Update of Windows 8.1

There is a new update of Microsoft Corp’s Windows 8.1 but it would not be released until the company’s April Build conference. However, a version of the operating system’s new update accidentally leaked online recently.

According to reports, the new Windows 8.1 update was released specifically to PC manufacturers this week. Logically, the updated OS is not supposed to be openly accessible to the public. However, some IT geniuses have managed to discover a few simple tweaks to be able to obtain and use it.

The software maker is not actually clueless about this. In fact, it has locked down the update version of the OS since its discovery of unauthorized access to the new program. But again, tech-savvy users could still easily find it online. Some of them are even willing to share to others how to do it.

Spreading online

Across the Internet, a Belgian blogger named Bavo Luysterborg has posted several links. But at the same time, he has issued warnings to inexperienced users because unlocking the updated OS on their PCs might possibly lead them to unintentionally brick their present installations of Windows 8.1.

As expected, Microsoft warns against testing those procedures to unlock and access the new OS update. To its impatient customers, the company simply advised them to wait a few more weeks for them to be able to get more details about the update and how to obtain it.

Series of leakages

The recent leakage came shortly after reports came that the company is testing a Windows 8.1 free version. The company said that the new version would be bundled with Bing search engine. At first glance, the new software appears like the standard Windows fare. But it has added built-in search capabilities, characterized by side-way movements.

It can be recalled that there have already been several leakages of Windows 8.1 updates in the past several months. During the previous Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain in February, Joe Belfiore, Microsoft’s corporate vice president, said the coming update would specifically benefit users of non-touch screen devices in navigating the modern user interface apps.

This new update is expected to stick power as well as search buttons in the Windows taskbar. Those would be easier to find there. Through right-clicking on the tiles, a contextual menu would be pulled up. It should be something that mouse users could expect.  

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