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Microsoft Corp Starts Taking Pre-Orders for its Windows 8.1

Microsoft Corp Starts Taking Pre-Orders for its Windows 8.1


Microsoft Corp Starts Taking Pre-Orders for its Windows 8.1

Microsoft Corp Starts Taking Pre-Orders for its Windows 8.1Users of Windows 8 could expect to get a free upgrade to Windows 8.1 later this month. The updated operating system would be released on October 17. But Microsoft Corp has started taking pre-orders for the software as early as now. This is an obvious attempt to jumpstart the sales of the system prior to its official release date.

Windows 8.1 would be released together with Windows 8.1 Pro. Each copy of the software would be sold for $119 and $199, respectively. This pricing scheme is in line with the present price structure for its preceding operating system.

Those who intend to buy a brand new PC that is already operating on Windows 8.1 would be up for a more interesting offer. They would be allowed to upgrade to the Pro version of the software if they would add just $100 to the PC purchase price. Anyone could surely agree that it is a good deal.

Interestingly, the updated operating system would be offered as full version software even if users do not have the predecessor system. This is an obvious shift in the download and sale strategy of Microsoft’s operating system. Thus, customers would have more flexibility in different technical circumstances.

Long anticipated software

Windows 8.1 is a well-anticipated first major update of Windows 8. The preceding software was launched in October last year. This incremental upgrade features a new Internet Explorer (IE11), built-in apps, Bing-powered search, SkyDrive cloud connectivity, and improved Bing Store functions. There would also be more personalization features.

Its Pro version would logically have more added features. For one, it would have enhanced security. The operating system would also be able to host remote desktop connection. It could connect to a school or corporate network.

Users of Windows 8 would get the update for free. But those using Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista would have to buy and install the new system.

All set for the release

Windows 8.1 is a long awaited update of the Microsoft operating system. As expected, it would revive the ‘Start’ button, which was eliminated in its predecessor. The company unveiled its preview version during its Build conference for developers earlier this year.

Microsoft said it sent copies of the operating system upgrade to various PC manufacturers two months ago. That measure was to allow PC makers to install Windows 8.1 on their respective machines that would be released just in time for this year’s important holiday shopping season.

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