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Microsoft Corp Rolls Out ‘Rethink’ Website to Further Promote Internet Explorer

Microsoft Corp Rolls Out ‘Rethink’ Website to Further Promote Internet Explorer


Microsoft Corp Rolls Out ‘Rethink’ Website to Further Promote Internet Explorer

Microsoft Corp Rethink Promote Internet ExplorerMicrosoft Corp is exerting more efforts to further promote its browser, Internet Explorer. The giant software and technology firm has launched Rethink, a new Website that was designed and intended to show off how the browser helps make Internet faster, beautiful, and now, more perfect for touch devices.

Rethink is logically an online site that showcases all the browser features that the company has patiently put together over the past two years. It aims to show many possibilities in the modern Web.

It could be recalled that in the last several years, Microsoft has teamed up with various startups and celebrities to conduct online experiments to showcase Internet Explorer. Among those efforts were the Windows 95 classic game ‘Hover,’ Contre Hour, Everest: Rivers of Ice, and Red Bull Rampage. It even launched the Hunger Games Explorer Website.

New approach to Web browsing

In a statement, Microsoft said Rethink is about where the modern Internet has come from and where it would go especially using Internet Explorer. The company claims that it has taken a new approach to help facilitate better experiences that may work not only with Internet Explorer but also with any other browser and modern devices.

Microsoft claims to have developed the best touch-first type of browser for slates or tablets. That is touted to enable multitasking, full-screen views, reading views, and the ability to creatively pin any Website into the unique live tiles Windows home screen.

Make users ‘rethink’

Rethink would be about exploration of new and innovative techniques for developers. The Website could help those parties make it simpler to create real-world Websites and apps.

Microsoft admits that Internet Explorer is also among the most criticized browsers as it is still the most widely used globally. It recognizes the fact that the browser’s market share is being threatened by rivals like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. To its detractors, the company has produced and posted several self-depreciating videos that include ‘Child of the ‘90s’ and ‘Do you know this guy?’

Through Rethink, Microsoft hopes that it could win over more users and convince more others to return to Internet Explorer. The company aims to make users ‘rethink’ that Internet Explorer is now a more modern platform that is capable of facilitating more stuff offered online. It also promotes more innovative techniques to do things differently online.

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