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Microsoft Corp Reportedly Tests Its Own Web-Connected Eyewear

Microsoft Corp Reportedly Tests Its Own Web-Connected Eyewear


Microsoft Corp Reportedly Tests Its Own Web-Connected Eyewear

Microsoft Corp Tests Its Own Web-Connected EyewearMicrosoft Corp is determined to become the leader in the modern hardware manufacturing market. Thus, it is not missing any opportunity especially in the market for wearable gadgets. That could be cited for the company’s long-term goals.

According to well-placed sources, the software company has entered the testing phase for its own version of a Web-connected eyewear. If that is true, the firm may already have an answer to the anticipated Google Glass, which is not yet launched but has already been introduced to developers.

But there are many hurdles along the new Microsoft prototype. Some sources claim that the company has already decided not to pursue the development of the product. Thus, Microsoft’s high-technology eyewear would not be launched in the US and in other nations. It has yet to make any comment regarding those speculations.

Microsoft’s supposed new approach

Microsoft has always been known for its software products. But it has already taken measures to also dominate the hardware segment of the industry. It has been responsible for the success of Xbox gaming consoles and the Surface tablets. After the company acquired the handset business of Nokia Corp, there have been reports that it would soon launch its own line of mobile phones.

The company is expected to take an uphill battle. That is because there is also an uncertainty over the future of wearable devices. Some analysts think that those new devices could be impressive but may not really command impressive actual sales.

Possible competing products

Microsoft’s reported eyewear product would compete head on with Google Glass. So far, about 10,000 pairs of Google’s new device are already being tested around the world by partner developers. Meanwhile, a startup called Optinvent has recently unveiled its own pair of Android-based goggles that facilitate view of augmented reality. Those devices called ORA-S are now generating pre-orders prior to a formal launch in January.

On the other hand, Samsung Electronics and Sony Corp are trying to focus on their smart watches. Those are Galaxy Gear and SmartWatch 2, respectively. Both wearable devices sync with smartphones or PCs for better user experiences.

For its part, Apple Inc has long been rumored to create and launch its own wearable device technology. It’s supposed ‘iWatch’ is well awaited and anticipated but the company may not have any plan yet to launch it into the current market.

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