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Microsoft Corp Reportedly Develops $399 Xbox One Version minus Blu-Ray

Microsoft Corp Reportedly Develops $399 Xbox One Version minus Blu-Ray


Microsoft Corp Reportedly Develops $399 Xbox One Version minus Blu-Ray

Microsoft Corp is reportedly developing an Xbox One version that would come without the Blu-ray drive. According to sources, taking that component off the console would make it possible for the tech giant to finally lower the price tag of the device to $399 from its current retail price of $499.

Logically, if there is truth to this speculation, Redwood could be aiming to beat sales of Xbox One rival PlayStation 4, which is manufactured by Sony Corp. It can be recalled that PS4 was launched a week ahead of Xbox One in November. Some reports indicate that PS4 is selling better than the latest Xbox version.

Many market analysts have been underlining the possibility that Xbox One is lagging behind PS4 in terms of sales because of the price variation. The $100 gap could possibly spell a lot of difference. Notably, PS4 is practically a game-only console, which could be the reason it is priced more competitively.

Pre-release rumors

If there is truth to this report, persistent rumors prior to the release of Xbox One would be confirmed. There were undying talks that the latest console will finally ditch the physical media to make the game console purely a cloud distribution device exclusive to video games as well as media content. As we know, that rumor was quelled when Xbox One was released complete with Blu-ray and other additional components.

Microsoft has been pushing for cloud distribution of content on its console. Some leaks supposedly outline future tweaks to the platform, which is said to eliminate physical media inevitably.

Another possibility

But there’s another interesting mystery to this issue. According to analysts, dropping Blu-ray on the list of components will not possibly enable Microsoft to trim $100 off the Xbox One price tag. That is because Blu-ray driver on the console only costs about $32. It may not be possible for the company to further lower the price as doing so would incur greater loss. It is assumed that Microsoft is already
selling Xbox One at a loss (it may only be profitable several months after release).

One possible component that should be eliminated is the Kinect 2.0 sensor, which is said to be the main reason for the $100 price difference compared to PS4. But then again, many analysts find it impossible as Kinect is an integral component of Xbox One.

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