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Microsoft Corp Renames Office Web Apps as Office Online

Microsoft Corp Renames Office Web Apps as Office Online


Microsoft Corp Renames Office Web Apps as Office Online

Microsoft Corp has rebranded its Office Web Apps into Office Online. The move was an obvious attempt to prevent confusion among customers. The giant software maker has revealed that many of its users are usually misled by the word ‘Apps’ in the name of the online service.

According to Office Online product marketing manager Amanda Lefebvre, many customers instantly think that Office Web Apps is just like any other app that has to be downloaded and installed. She reiterated that to use the service, a user simply needs to log online using a Web browser. Thus, the name Office Online is obviously more logical.

Aside from changing the name, this latest update is aimed at recruiting new users through the introduction of The Website facilitates quicker access to the rebranded Office Online. Discovering and sharing the site is also made a lot easier and faster.

Avoiding confusion

Ms. Lefebvre disclosed that some users are already using Office Online through their accounts in OneDrive or SharePoint. She clarified that such users would continue enjoying that access. The company wants to further point out that it has made it easier for many users to find Office Online.

Anyone can get started, anytime, anywhere. To do so, one has just to log in to Doing so would provide instant access to Word Online, PowerPoint Online, Excel Online, and OneNote Online. Any user will just have to create and own a Microsoft Account to enjoy the service.

Interesting features

As usual, in the newly renamed Office Online, every file is saved automatically to OneDrive. There, other invited users can immediately view, edit, and even share different types of files like documents, presentations, notebooks, and spreadsheets. A user can watch as a co-author inputs changes to a shared document.

This program is similar to Google Drive’s capacity for multiple collaborations. But Office Online is offering additional incentives. For one, the service can save progress as it happens in the cloud. The same document can be opened in a corresponding application. Second, users can now easily switch between email, files, and storage without the need to leave the online service first.

The renaming of Office Web Apps came a day after SkyDrive was rebranded as OneDrive. It seems that Microsoft is getting more conscious about the impact of names and branding into its products.

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