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Microsoft Corp Offers $100 Savings to Windows XP Users Who Will Buy a New PC

Microsoft Corp Offers $100 Savings to Windows XP Users Who Will Buy a New PC


Microsoft Corp Offers $100 Savings to Windows XP Users Who Will Buy a New PC

The countdown to the expiration of Windows XP operating system is getting more interesting. There are 17 days to go before the anticipated April 8 deadline. Around this time, Microsoft Corp is doubling time to remind the users of the old OS to migrate to a new one, ideally to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

In a message that pops up when users of XP PCs start their machines, Microsoft is advising old OS users to take two steps. First, they need to upgrade their operating systems to a newer one. Second, the company says it could be another option to buy a new PC especially if the PC being used could not accommodate the installation of a newer OS, particularly Windows 8.1.

Here’s the catch 

That’s not all about it. Many users noted that Microsoft is now running a new promotion that provides savings to new PC buyers. That savings could actually be worth $100. It could be offered as on-the-spot mark down especially for those who are considering buying a new PC or the recommended Windows Surface slate, which is presently priced at around $599.

But again, just like in all other promotions that are offered, there are several catches that consumers should be aware of. First, PC buyers could only be eligible for the $100 discount only if they order and buy a new machine online. Not only that, the user should be using a PC that is operated by Windows XP. This may mean that the offer would not be made if the purchase transaction is done on PCs that run on other operating systems.

Waiting for more

Second, it is also logical that this promotion only covers selected PC models and brands. However, as of press time, it is not yet clear if Microsoft has released a list of those PC models or brands. But those who may buy new PCs could possibly find out.

Lastly, the company is even offering free sales support through phone and chat messaging for the first three months after new PC purchase. Those who would buy a new PC through this scheme could also enjoy free access to the migration service of Laplink data. This would facilitate transferring of files from the legacy XP PC to a new system.

But some observers think that XP users should wait a little longer for better deals. They noted that just last week, Microsoft offered a $50 incentive to XP users who would be willing to upgrade to newer OS. 

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