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Microsoft Corp Launches ‘Scroogled’ Merchandise Store to Attack Rival Google

Microsoft Corp Launches ‘Scroogled’ Merchandise Store to Attack Rival Google


Microsoft Corp Launches ‘Scroogled’ Merchandise Store to Attack Rival Google

It has come to this. Microsoft Corp has decided to further step up its ‘Scroogled’ campaign by creating a special merchandise store for it. The online Microsoft Store now features a Scroogled section that sell mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, and hats that are emblazoned with Google’s logos along with captions that slam Google’s search tactics.

Among the most popular merchandises are black mugs and t-shirts that are printed with the tagline “Keep Calm While We Steal Your Data.” The slogan comes with the logo of Google Chrome on top. The items are sold for $7.99 and $11.99, respectively. Interestingly, the items are currently sold out.

But Scroogled still has many other items that convey its sarcastic messages. It also sells Scroogled hats, hoodies, and t-shirts for $14.99, $25.99, and $11.99, respectively. There are still other items that may look interesting and hilarious as Microsoft tries to further criticize Google just so it could promote its own search engine, Bing.

The ugly battle

How has the battle between search engines come this dirty? Clearly, Microsoft started it. The software giant first launched Scroogled as a campaign last year after it launched its ‘Bing It On’ campaign. The company logically asked Internet users to choose Bing over Google.

Two months after that controversial campaign, Microsoft launched the Scroogled Website. The site claimed to be taking Google to task for allegedly converting its search results into what seems like a commercial endeavor. Microsoft, earlier this year, broadened the scope of Scroogled by targeting Gmail, as well.

Google’s witty response

As expected, Google would not let this pass. Immediately after the launch of the Scroogled campaign, the giant search engine firm has released several interesting and equally witty responses as it hits back its attacker. One of the most notable was the remark when Google congratulated Microsoft for selling out Scroogled merchandises. But the message didn’t stop there. Google added that Microsoft could be happier if only its Surface tablets are selling like the Scroogled items.

Google was also vindicated when online tracking firm comScore released latest data. Not surprisingly, Google Search is still the most popular and widely used search engine across the Web with a 66.9% share in October. Microsoft may cringe to the fact that its search sites only account for just 18.1%. Bing also remains as a struggling search engine despite the company’s strong marketing push.

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