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Microsoft Corp Gives Bonus 20GB of SkyDrive Storage to Windows Phone Owners

Microsoft Corp Gives Bonus 20GB of SkyDrive Storage to Windows Phone Owners


Microsoft Corp Gives Bonus 20GB of SkyDrive Storage to Windows Phone Owners

Microsoft Corp 20GB of SkyDrive Storage Windows Phone OwnersMicrosoft Corp could be feeling extra generous these days. That is because the giant software company and device manufacturer is giving away a bonus of 20GB of SkyDrive storage to users of its Windows Phone. Currently, the standard free space provided on the smartphone upon purchase is 7GB.

The company has already sent out emails to all Windows Phone users to inform them about this holiday offer that would surely make them rave. It should be noted that the bonus could only be claimed upon the receipt of the email. In addition, only Windows Phone 8 smartphones are qualified for this offer.

Coming with a few catches

Windows Phone users should also realize that the bonus offer comes with a few conditions. First, the generous measure is offered only until January 2014. Thus, it is advisable that users immediately activate the bonus 20GB upon reception of the email from Microsoft. This is because it is expected that the company would be strict to impose its deadline so that only those who have signed up for the free service by January 31 would be entitled to the free storage.

Second, users should understand that the free SkyDrive storage would not last forever. It was clearly stated in the email that the 20GB free storage provided would only last for a full year. Up to this day, it is not clear what happens to the extra data once the one-year period expires. But most analysts presume that users would be reverted back to the 7GB storage scheme. Windows Phone users may again receive an email that comes with instructions on how to delete files or upgrade to greater storage.

Maximizing storage

Users who aim to maximize storage on the Cloud service of Microsoft could also consider alternatives for ideal SkyDrive expanded storage. First, the bonus 20GB cloud storage would be in addition to 7GB free storage that users automatically receive (25GB free storage for earlier adopters).

Those with Office 365 subscription could look forward to more than 50GB of free storage available in Microsoft’s cloud service. Those who recently purchased Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 devices should have received free 200GB of storage valid for 2 years. Lastly, those who want to enjoy greater storage could invest $25 annually for 50GB of storage on top of all free cloud storage provided.

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