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Microsoft Corp Announces Its Own ‘Black Friday’ Deals

Microsoft Corp Announces Its Own ‘Black Friday’ Deals


Microsoft Corp Announces Its Own ‘Black Friday’ Deals

Microsoft Corp Announces Its Own Black Friday DealsIt is the time of the year when consumers could expect hefty discounts on most consumer electronics and gadgets available from retailers. This early, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and other technology retail chains have already announced their bargain deals for ‘Black Friday,’ which would come after Thanksgiving Day next week.

But retailers are not the only ones planning to implement heavy markdowns on various items. Microsoft Corp has announced its own set of attractive deals that would make shoppers finally buy the gadgets they want to purchase. Interestingly, the company has become very aggressive in making these offers.

Good deals on laptops

Microsoft’s Black Friday deals are spearheaded by marked down laptops. The 32GB Surface RT would be offered for $199 from an original price of $349. The 63GB Surface TR would be $20 off to $379. The new Surface 2 would be offered at starting price of $449; Surface Pro 2 would have price tags starting at $899.

If you want a touch-screen laptop, Dell Inspiron would take a hefty $450 discount to just $399. This 15.6-inch machine has 6GB of memory and is operating on Intel Core i5 processor. It comes with Windows 8 but the operating system could be upgraded for free to the new Windows 8.1.

Discounts on games

Since Microsoft is set to release its Xbox One this week, it is just logical that it offers game discounts for Black Friday. Consumers who could not yet afford the $499 Xbox One console could instead opt to buy the Xbox 360 Stingray (250GB) for just $199.99. That price dropped drastically from original price tag of $300. The Xbox 360 with Kinect (4GB) would be more affordable (from $249.99 to just $179.99).

The company is also set to offer huge discounts on several games for its popular consoles. Among the titles that would become more reasonable are ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ ($33.99) and ‘Battlefield 4’ ($38.99). ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ would have lower price tags of $39.99 for the Xbox 360 version and $49.99 for the Xbox One version.

The deals don’t just end here. Microsoft is also rolling out markdowns on prices of popular accessories that are usually used with its devices and consoles. For one, Skull candy ear buds would be offered for $9.99 from an original cost of $15. The company would also offer Beats by Dr. Dre accessories at cheaper price tags.

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