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Microsoft Commits to Make IE Mobile Friendly

Microsoft Commits to Make IE Mobile Friendly


Microsoft Commits to Make IE Mobile Friendly

Microsoft Commits to Make IE Mobile FriendlyMicrosoft Corp aims to make browsing experience on Windows Phone better. The giant technology firm has announced plans to release a new update for Windows Phone 8.1 that would bring about enhancements for surfing online sites using its Internet Explorer (IE) 11, which is logically the default mobile browser.

In a statement, the company said that this improvement is based on feedback from users provided to it. It disclosed that it has pursued an online experience for users of the browser that is consistent with what is currently available on Android and iOS devices.

The IE on Windows Phone 8.1 Update is expected to dramatically improve capability with the popular online sites. The update is set to roll out initially on most users of Windows Phone 8.1 soon.

Testing the waters

Microsoft has conducted a test with over 500 of the top mobile online sites. The study found that the new IE 11 update drastically improved the online experience of up to 40% of those. That surely means a lot to the company.

The firm admits that most modern online web pages today have been designed and created to be ideal for iOS and iPhone. This is why users of other devices tend to incur degraded experience when browsing sites on their gadgets.

Thus, the code in IE 11 has been improved for detection of IE 11 for Windows Phone as mobile browser. This way, the website would not provide content that is based on desktop versions of sites.

Asking for public support

Microsoft also emphasized that it would need the help of the public for the improvement of its mobile services. It has asked mobile users to report websites that are using non-standard code. This is why the company is presently in collaboration with Mozilla in recording broken sites.

It said those websites tend to cause problems across various browsers, including Mozilla’s Firefox as well as IE. Microsoft wants the public to realize that it would be easier for them to report problematic websites. At the same time, the company is asking online developers to test or run their websites through a specified scanner tool. This is to identify usual coding issues with prefixes and to assist in fixing  any code.

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