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Microsoft Claims Xbox One X Is The Most Powerful Videogame Console

Microsoft Claims Xbox One X Is The Most Powerful Videogame Console

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Microsoft Claims Xbox One X Is The Most Powerful Videogame Console

Microsoft Xbox One X is Microsoft’s latest offering to the gaming world, and the company claims it to be the most powerful video game console ever created. This is a bold comment keeping in mind that the company’s biggest competitor in the gaming console arena is Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, which is equally loved by gamers.

Project Scorpio is now officially called Xbox One X, and the Tech Giant made it sure that the gaming console comes with super high-end specifications. Xbox One X specifications include 2.3 gigahertz eight-core CPU, a GPU that is powerful enough to run games even at six teraflops graphical power, 1TB HDD storage, 12 GB DDR5 RAM that includes 9 GB dedicated for gaming and a UHD Blu-Ray drive. Looking at the specifications, it is not difficult to understand that this is one of the best gaming consoles on paper. This version is 5 mm thinner than the Xbox One S and weighs around 8.4 pounds.

With the noted specifications, it would be fun to see how to some of the games like Gears of War 4, Halo Wars 2, and Forza Horizon 3 would perform. We have made a note of these three games specifically because they’ll be available for free with the console when the same is launched in November. Offering quality games for free ensures that these heavy games will work well on the console. If that is true, one can expect other quality games to perform exceptionally well on the device. However, we’ll have to wait to know about the true potential of Xbox One X. 

It has been reported that the console will also have a vapor-chamber based cooling system that is designed in a way to keep the console running seamlessly for extended periods. However, the gadget does not offer a VR headset that is offered by Sony for the PS4 Pro. Although it is one thing the device lacks, other specifications should be good enough to create a strong impact on the gamers with the help of multiple VR and AR headsets already in the works from various manufacturers.

Interestingly, Sony even launched the PlayStation 4 Pro last year with expectations. However, we’ve seen the console was only a decent improvement over its predecessor, and that was disappointing. PS4 Pro even had an impressive list of specifications, but they were not good enough to create the ‘WOW’ factor. We hope Microsoft doesn’t disappoint and turns out to be as good as it is on paper.

Microsoft is one company that has always been expensive, and most of the people require amazing deals to purchase the company’s software. However, the price announced for Xbox One X is $500 and will be available on Amazon from November 7.

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