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Microsoft Band Update: Now Includes Music Controls, Improves Exercise Tile

Microsoft Band Update: Now Includes Music Controls, Improves Exercise Tile
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Microsoft Band Update: Now Includes Music Controls, Improves Exercise Tile

Microsoft Band Update brings to you news features including music controls and inactivity alerts. No chance for excuses. Get moving now.

Wearable fitness trackers are getting popular, but not as much as manufacturing brands would like them to. Still, they are trying their best to make these gadgets as perfect as they can. Microsoft Band is one such wearable. Let us see how the latest Microsoft Band update has changed the wearable for better. 

In order to improve the band, Microsoft has added a few functionalities via a small software update. On December 10, Microsoft announced the update and the changes it will bring to the band on its official blog. The company in the post wrote, “Today, we are excited to announce several new features exclusively for the new Microsoft Band – features customers have been asking for, and we’re proud to deliver on – including all-new music controls, activity reminders, and an improved and enhanced Exercise Tile.”

With music controls, you can now control music playing on your phone from the Microsoft Band. The Band’s screen will display the title of the song and let you play as well as pause the track. You will also be able to “skip forward and back” and turn the volume up or down. Microsoft has also partnered with Spotify, so there is a bunch of fresh music accessible now. If you are lazy and often find comfort on the couch for hours, the Microsoft Band update has come up with a solution for you. If it finds you still for a long time, it will remind you to get up and moving. Set the time, and the band will do its job. Sleeping? No worries. You can turn off the feature.

In the latest update, Microsoft has also improved the Exercise Tile. With the help of this feature, you can now track your heart rate, duration and calories burned using your Band. You can also go to “What’s New” Tile and learn more about the changes and new features.

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