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‘Microsoft Band 2’ vs ‘Apple Watch’: Find Out More About Their Specs, Prices, Battery Life And More

‘Microsoft Band 2’ vs ‘Apple Watch’: Find Out More About Their Specs, Prices, Battery Life And More
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‘Microsoft Band 2’ vs ‘Apple Watch’: Find Out More About Their Specs, Prices, Battery Life And More

‘Microsoft Band 2’ vs ‘Apple Watch’: Find our more about their specs, prices and other comparison details in this tech review.

So it has come to this. With Microsoft improving the Microsoft Band it released last year, it’s only fitting to compare its latest model, Microsoft Band 2, against the Apple Watch.


So how how the “Microsoft Band 2” compare with the “Apple Watch”? Before we proceed, you may want to take a look at our previous review, Microsoft Band 2 vs. Fitbit Surge.

The specs of the two models are posted below:

Microsoft Band 2 vs Apple Watch

Microsoft Band 2 vs Apple Watch

When comparing the two, the best question to ask is what will the need be? Will you be using the device as a wearable for fitness and health purposes or will you be using it as your virtual assistant and fashion accessory?
First, the price. Apple Watch is a fashion accessory and a wearable smart device at the same time, while the Microsoft Band 2 wants to compete in the wearable market as a fitness and health gadget. This makes Apple Watch hefty $350 price a disadvantage if we just look at the price range. Microsoft Band 2’s price is $250.

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In terms of battery life, Microsoft Band 2 has the edge. It also has more sensors namely, gyrometer, UV sensor, capacitive sensor, barometer, galvanic skin sensor and it’s also GPS-enabled.

In terms of overall design, Microsoft Band 2 is curved, spreading all its important part lthroughout your wrist, compared to the Apple Watch, which has everything in one casing.

Both devices can talk to your phone, but Apple Watch is only compatible with iPhone 5 or iOS devices running on 8.2 versions or higher. Microsoft Band 2 is compatible to iOS, Windows and Android phones.

So if you want to know whether you should buy the Microsoft Band 2 or the Apple Watch, it’s not enough that you look at one category. To get the best answer, always look for the purpose of buying your device.

In conclusion, as much as Microsoft Band 2 released its wearable device a bit later than most, it still has a good market foothold because of its functionality and target market.

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