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Microsoft Band 2 Review: Aesthetic Design, 11 Sensors, Great Features

Microsoft Band 2 Review: Aesthetic Design, 11 Sensors, Great Features
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Microsoft Band 2 Review: Aesthetic Design, 11 Sensors, Great Features

Basking in the success of the Microsoft’s first fitness-focused wearable, the techn giant is back for another round with its Band 2. One of the most noticeable factors that you will notice about the Band 2 is that the complaints about its predecessors are adequately addressed in this new wearable.

Going by the looks, the Redmond giant took painstaking efforts to refine the visuals of last year’s rubber bangle, by rendering soft touch to the edges and trimming the weight of the new band. With the new changes, the latest wearable is a much better-looking product.

The Band boasts an exhilarating look with an addition of a curved AMOLED display, enclosed with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. As a result of its aesthetic design, the wearable sits comfortably round your wrist. What’s more, every time you receive a notification for messages or other stuff, the wearable will give a slight buzz. Also, the Band is capable of reading the body of a text and email at a great speed.

The reports that you can add as many tiles as you want to the display, remove the unwanted ones or re-order them according to your preference. You can do all these within the companion smartphone app, which is available across Apple’s iOS, Windows phone or Android.

Compared to last year’s Band, the Band 2 shows you a number of third party apps on display. You should know this that the wearable functions better when worn round your wrist all the time- whether you are walking or on the treadmill. Recently, the wearable was updated with 20 tiles, notifications changes, fitness challenges, etc.

There are 11 different sensors in the Band 2, including three-axis accelerometer, skin temperature sensor, gyrometer, UV sensor, microphone, capacitive sensor, UV sensor, barometer, galvanic skin response, ambient light sensor, UV sensor, etc.

Bear this in mind that the Microsoft Band 2 is a first and foremost fitness device. Speaking in a nutshell, the wearable offers key features and a range of functionality for ensuring good health and other advantages. The Band 2 is priced at $175, as noted by Microsoft.

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