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Microsoft Appeals to Windows XP Users to Switch to Windows 8

Microsoft Appeals to Windows XP Users to Switch to Windows 8


Microsoft Appeals to Windows XP Users to Switch to Windows 8

For many times now, Microsoft Corp has reminded the existing users of Windows XP about the scheduled expiration date of the old operating system on April 8. The company has again made that reminder, this time using its blog site and directly appealing to those users to finally migrate to Windows 8 within 59 days.

The giant software firm has just renewed its efforts to effectively convince Windows XP users to make the big switch. It is expected that as April draws near, Redmond would issue more warnings, communications, and even outright insistence to finally convince those users to do as they are advised.

In the latest blog post, Brandon LeBlanc, the company’s senior marketing communications manager, asked tech-savvy readers of the online site to extend assistance to those who need it in transferring to Windows 8. He reminded the readers that there is a special page on the Website ( that clearly explains what ‘end of support’ is and how existing XP users could find and take options to  remain protected after the legacy OS’ support ends on April 8.

Recommended steps

Mr. LeBlanc also listed some procedures that Windows XP users must take before the publicized cutoff date. There are three: 1) Purchase and install Microsoft’s Windows 8; 2) Upgrade the PC to support Windows 8; and 3) Buy a new PC that has Windows 8 pre-installed.

He even reminded those users to manually save or backup all their critical files and data before moving to make the switch. He reiterated that the process would not automatically save the data. He regretted to inform the users that SkyDrive, the cloud storage service of Microsoft, does not actually support Windows XP. Thus, it may not be of help in the process of migration.

More of a sales pitch

However, Mr. LeBlanc’s appeal did not mention the company’s recent decision to extend Microsoft Security Essentials updates for all Windows XP users until July 2015. Those updates would still cover malware and virus detection.

Mr. LeBlanc’s appeal did not sit well with some Windows XP users, though. Using the comments section on the blog, some readers lambasted Microsoft, Windows 8, and the decision to cutoff Windows XP. Some readers even pointed out that the latest blog post by Mr. LeBlanc sounded more like a sales pitch for Windows 8. Some users pointed out that Mr. LeBlanc was particularly endorsing Windows 8 and left out other existing OS like Windows 7, which could still be another option. 

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