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Microsoft Announces a ‘Big’ Update for Xbox One on February 11

Microsoft Announces a ‘Big’ Update for Xbox One on February 11


Microsoft Announces a ‘Big’ Update for Xbox One on February 11

Microsoft Corp has announced a scheduled rollout of a ‘big’ update for its Xbox One on February 11. Among the major highlights of the new update would be the return of the console’s battery power indicator and easier storage management.

Without directly stating, the giant technology firm somehow indicated that Xbox One would regularly receive updates, just like its predecessor, the Xbox 360. In fact, the company has already disclosed the release of the next update on March 4, which would be ahead of the launch of the gaming console’s Titanfall version.

The February 11 update would include many changes that would be advantageous to developers, who are building games and apps for Xbox One. Microsoft is confident that Xbox fans will appreciate most of the new features to be unveiled. It added that it is its aim to ensure product updates and stability are kept regular to further improve users’ experiences.

Three improvements 

Microsoft refrained from divulging more details about the upcoming update for the console. But it readily highlighted three major changes that are coming to the product on Tuesday.

First, Xbox One players would soon find it easier to manage their storage space. It would be easier to determine how much space is still available for content. Users could also more easily control their install lineup and manage their download queues.

Second, My Apps and My Games would finally be separated from each other. The two would have separate lists so that gamers could create different queues and possibly pick up orders. A boot progress indicator would soon be rolled out to track updates while those orders are being loaded.

Third, as mentioned, the console’s battery power indicator would be brought back. The feature would readily be seen on the console’s home screen. This is to enable gamers to monitor how much battery is left on the controller.

Other features

The upcoming update would also make Xbox One supportive of the so-called USB keyboards. This is for the advantage of users who prefer keyboards over other accessories.

Meanwhile, Microsoft assured that Xbox One would continuously make improvements to the overall quality and usefulness of the Kinect voice feature. This is to make sure that commands would be more
fluid and more responsive over time. The update is expected to be rolled out to all Xbox One devices globally.   

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