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Microsoft Announced Windows 10 IoT Core Pro For OEMs, ODMs

Microsoft Announced Windows 10 IoT Core Pro For OEMs, ODMs via Compfight cc


Microsoft Announced Windows 10 IoT Core Pro For OEMs, ODMs

Microsoft recently announced a special version of the latest Windows 10 edition solely for original equipment manufacturers (OEM). The new 64-bit (x64) version of Windows 10 IoT Core Pro was recently released to enable OEM/ODMs to smoothly switch between Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Windows 10 IoT Core without the need for a separate firmware image.

The partner group manager at Windows IoT at Microsoft, Brett Bensen, wrote in a blog post, “We’re making the Board Support Package for the Raspberry Pi open source (except for the UEFI parts) to help OEM/ODMs provide a customized board experience. Soon Microsoft will support updates to applications published to the Windows Store on Windows 10 IoT Core Pro.”

While the program will be initially rolled out to employees of Windows Insider Programs, it will then spread to the larger mass. Right now, Windows 10 IoT Core Pro is available only through distributors. For those who want to download it, it’s available for the MinnowBoard Max, Raspberry Pi 2 and DragonBoard 410c for free, reports VentureBeat.

Microsoft took to its windows blog to announce the great opportunity and demand of the Raspberry Pi 3 version of Windows 10. The Redmond giant aims at expanding support for integration with Azure IoT Suite and commercialization of Windows 10 iOT.

At Build 2016, Microsoft revealed how a person can put a display on any display-less device with the use of the new remote display technology. This means that the user will given the virtual ability to have “Hollywood control room” experience on all smart devices in your system. On the other side, the device can be turned into a Windows 10 sensor platform.

Windows IoT adds value of Universal Windows Platform to all IoT devices. This suggest you can use the remote display technology from any supported language like Wiring, Python, Node.JS, or native code, according to blog post.

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