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Microsoft Acquires Xamarin To Develop More Universal Apps For Windows Phones

Microsoft Acquires Xamarin To Develop More Universal Apps For Windows Phones
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Microsoft Acquires Xamarin To Develop More Universal Apps For Windows Phones

Microsoft recently took the decision to acquire Xamarin to boost windows phone sales. The intention is to develop and enhance the number of universal apps that are found on all operating systems, and make them available for Windows phone.

Xamarin Inc., is a mobile app development company, and Microsoft’s decision to buy the company is to fund and assist its developers build universal apps for Windows smartphones. Statistics show that there were only 340, 000 apps available for Windows phone as in July 2015. Compared to that, there were 1.5 million iOS apps and 1.6 million Android apps, encouraging people to turn more towards Android and iOS devices. Indeed, the initiative to purchase Xamarin will help trigger Windows phone sales.

At present, Microsoft is working out with Visual Studio for developing app tools. Xamarin’s contribution to the joint efforts will help app developers attain a single solution of testing, developing and delivering mobile apps across all major operating systems, reports PCMag.

So, how can Xamarin help in the process? This app development company uses Microsoft’s programming language C# for designing application that can run on Windows and Android, iOS, OS X and Linux as well. By bringing the company on board, Microsoft is looking forward to creating a cross-platform mobile approach.

“There are more than 300 people on the Xamarin team. We very much view this acquisition as an opportunity to take what they’ve built and make it a core part of our strategy,” according to Scott Guthrie, the executive vice president of the Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise group.

It should be noted that Microsoft is not the sole company in this quest to conquer new frontiers. Apple surprised its fans last year when it bought its new programming language Swift for helping it run on other platforms including Linux, reports Wired.

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