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Michael Schumacher Health Update: F1 Icon’s Condition Worsens – Report

Michael Schumacher Health Update: F1 Icon’s Condition Worsens – Report
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Michael Schumacher Health Update: F1 Icon’s Condition Worsens – Report

Michael Schumacher as a German magazine claimed recently, could walk. But, the claims appear to be false and baseless as the F1 legend’s family is taking the magazine to court over the claims with the help of Schumacher’s lawyer.

The seven-time F1 World Champion suffered a traumatic brain injury during a skiing accident in 2013. The 47-year-old champion’s health has always been a closely guarded secret.

Michael Schumacher’s lawyer Felix Damm explained the full extent of his client’s devastating injuries after his accident. He refuted the claims of the German magazine Bunte saying that Schumacher “cannot walk,” Express UK reports.

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The magazine claimed that Michael Schumacher could walk again in their cover story. The car racing legend went into coma soon after his ill-fated accident and he remained in the state for six months.

There was speculation that Mr Schumacher was paralyzed, which is now backed up by Mr Damm’s claims. The lawyer also added that he could not walk even with the aid of therapists, another claim made by Bunte.

Bunte reported in December that Michael Schumacher was able to walk again. The magazine reportedly used the story as bait so that the F1 legend’s family would release details about his health condition.

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Schumacher’s family pleaded that he deserved privacy, in the lawsuit. A verdict in the case is expected after October.

F1 champ’s lawyer said in court that Michael Schumacher is unable to stand even with the assistance of therapists. The race car driver is taken care of at his home near Lake Geneva in Germany by full-time staff.

During the time Bunte magazine published the story, Schumacher’s manager Sabin Kehm was forced to release a statement about his condition.

“Michael is very thin. But he can once again walk a little with the help of his therapists. He manages to make a couple of steps. And he can also raise an arm,” the magazine quoted an unnamed friend of the champ, Mirror UK reports.

The lawsuit raises many doubts and questions about Michael Schumacher’s health condition. Is he really fine or has his health worsened? It took Schumacher’s camp to sue Bunte nine months after the report was published?

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