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Michael Oppong Suspended: Colin Kaepernick Reportedly A ‘Negative’ Influence

Michael Oppong Suspended: Colin Kaepernick Reportedly A ‘Negative’ Influence
Michael Oppong / Twitter


Michael Oppong Suspended: Colin Kaepernick Reportedly A ‘Negative’ Influence

Colin Kaepernick’s act of defiance is causing more sportsmen to follow in his footsteps and they are getting punished for it – the latest example is Michael Oppong.

Michael Oppong is a junior footballer at Doherty Memorial High School, who knelt on one knee during the playing of the national anthem before a game on last Friday, akin to what Colin Kaepernick has done in the recent times, on a more national level.

He later revealed on his Twitter page that high school officials had suspended him for a game following his protest and this has raised many eyebrows mainly because the punishment borders on violation of Oppong first amendment rights.

The reason given by Oppong for his action is similar to what Kaepernick had cited for his protest – that he cannot “support a “country that oppresses black people and people of color.”

Oppong wrote on Twitter that “I’m standing up for the injustice that happens to black people every day, not just cops killing black people. We are disrespected and mistreated everywhere we go on a daily basis because of our skin color and I’m sick of it,” reports Heavy.

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Michael Oppong Facts

Michael Oppong is a Ghanaian who plays in the defensive quarterback position and has been associated with minor league clubs such as Maxbees FC, Awutu Bastia FC, and Unistars FC.

According to Tonys Soccer School, he has been described as “diminutive but extremely intelligent player, with a big heart, possesses good ball sense, skills and ability.”

His stats have been rated in the following manner: “Shooting 6/10, Dribbling 9/10, Endurance 9/10,  Speed 8/10, Technique 9/10, Spirit 9/10, Heading 6/10”

While people were quick to express their disgust at the Doherty High School principal and coach for temporarily suspending Oppong, some even picked up on the fact that the settings of the official Twitter page of the school had been altered to bar any public commentary.

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“Ironic how @DohertyFootball suspends @Oppong_5 for exercising his 1st Amendment rights then locks its Twitter account. Hypocritical much?” commented a user.

According to Black Sports Online, it was the decision of the principal to ban Oppong from a game and coach really did not have a say in the entire incident.

However, not everyone sees Oppong’s protest in a positive light. Many have condemned him for showcasing disrespect for the national flag, especially since his protest came around the time of the 15th anniversary of 9/11. Take a look at some of the mixed responses below:

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