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Michael Jordan, Latest Victim Of ‘What Are Those’ Meme

Michael Jordan, Latest Victim Of ‘What Are Those’ Meme
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Michael Jordan, Latest Victim Of ‘What Are Those’ Meme

“What are those?”

A teenager at Michael Jordan‘s basketball camp confused the sporting legend.

The kid invoked a viral Vine meme and Jordan was caught in an utter state of bewilderment.

A video posted to twitter by Bryce Lyle shows a Flight School camper standing up among the attendees during the end of a face-to-face session.

What’s The “What Are Those” Meme?

Vine users point to the bad footwear and shout, “What are those???”

And this has become viral throughout the United States. And no one is safe, no matter how rich or how famous they are. Well, it doesn’t make you sick, but it causes much worse embarrassment, as the kids surrounding you make you a laughing stock. Someone first points at your shoes to ask “What are those?”

Various scenes from movies and television are Photoshopped and dubbed for the meme.

The crowd keeps on laughing, but Jordan was unmoved and shaken by one of the simplest of questions. The 52-year-old talisman’s silent reply was “What is it all about? I can’t get it.”

He had to have the meme explained to him before he could come up with a proper response.

Jordan’s Response

“Hey look man, I’m lost on that Vine tip,” Jordan replied at last. “But what are those? These are XX9 Lows.”

Now what are XX9 Lows?

They’re new, unreleased Air Jordans.

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