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Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ Songwriter Dead: Rod Temperton Lost Cancer Battle

Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ Songwriter Dead: Rod Temperton Lost Cancer Battle
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Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ Songwriter Dead: Rod Temperton Lost Cancer Battle

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” composer Rod Temperton passed away after succumbing to cancer.

The musician, who is also known as “The Invisible Man,” lost his battle with cancer at age 66 last week in London, as confirmed by Chairman & CEO of Warner/Chappell Jon Platt.

“Rod Temperton, British Composer and Musician, died last week at the age of 66 in London following a brief aggressive battle with cancer,” he said in his statement.

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John Platt added that his family is requesting for privacy as they grief during this sad time, The Rolling Stones said in a report.

Rod Temperton is behind the lyrics of Michael Jackson’s hit songs “Off The Wall,” “Baby Be Mine,” “Burn This Disco Out,” “Rock With You,” and “The Lady in My Life.”

He is also the composer of the award-winning song “Thriller,” which has sold millions of copies worldwide, Mirror UK said in a report.

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In a previous interview, Rod Temperton talked about how he came up with the title of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” saying he had a hundred titles before deciding on the song’s name.

“Something in my head just said, ‘this is the title’. You could visualise it at the top of the Billboard charts, you could see the merchandising for this one word, how it jumped off the page,” he told Radio 2 documentary in 2006.

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Aside from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” he also wrote songs for Karen Carpenter, Donna Summer, Mariah Carey, and Mica Paris.

Rod Temperton joined the music industry starting as a keyboardist of main songwriter of Heatwave.

He had two albums with the R&B band–1976’s Too Hot to Handle and 1978’s Central Heating—before writing songs for other performers.

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