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Michael Jackson Still Alive, King Of Pop Spotted?

Michael Jackson Still Alive, King Of Pop Spotted?
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Michael Jackson Still Alive, King Of Pop Spotted?

A video claiming to have proven that Michael Jackson is still alive has surfaced and it gathered mixed reactions from those who have seen it.

In a YouTube video posted by Channel Full Anxiety Dude, it was insisted that there is enough proof that Michael Jackson is still alive and that he was part of a crowd just this year. The video also posited that he could just be hiding in Canada or Africa, Express UK reported.

“Here is some evidence that Michael Jackson is still alive,” the video stated prior to showing off several images of the supposed King of Pop. “Here are some 2016 pictures.”

The clip noted that the speculations started when the casket of the late brother of Janet Jackson remained closed during his funeral last June 25, 2009.

In the snap included in the video, a guy, who said to be the “Billie Jean” singer, was seen sitting in the middle of a crowded audience of an undisclosed event and unknown date.

“What do you think now?” it continued to say through its subtitle. “Some say he is in Canada now, others say he is in Africa.”

For one Michael Jackson fan, this could be good news if proven true.

“It would be absolutely wonderful if he is still alive and if he is, I hope that he is happy,” the fan wrote. “He has millions of fans all over the world and they will never forget him.”

However, another pointed out that “The Video is fake! It’s from German TV!”

Meanwhile, Radar Online reported that the “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” artist allegedly committed suicide.

“Michael was really at the end of his rope,” an insider alleged. “He had so much trouble in his life. I think it was just too much for him to handle.”

This was reportedly supported by a respected medical examiner, Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, who said that Michael Jackson’s “drug addiction, paranoia, fear and isolation had taken over his life — and would lead to what I would call his death wish.”

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