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Michael Jackson Confirmed Pedophile: Emma Watson At 11 Was His Obsession?

Michael Jackson Confirmed Pedophile: Emma Watson At 11 Was His Obsession?
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Michael Jackson Confirmed Pedophile: Emma Watson At 11 Was His Obsession?

Disturbing facts about Michael Jackson and darkest sexual secrets have been revealed in a book by none other than his personal doctor and confidante, Dr Conrad Murray, including one involving “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson.

The doctor was charged with involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson’s death has written a book that brings to the fore details of the King of Pop’s life. MJ was reportedly in love with his friend’s daughter Harriet, who was just 12. The book then talked about Jackson’ss adoration of Emma Watson.

Talking about Michael Jackson, Dr Conrad, 63, told Mirror UK: “Michael fell in love with Harriet when she was roughly five years old. Then, by age 12, he grew to become fixated on her.” The doctor added that he wanted to meet his friend Mark Lester and discuss a marriage proposal with Harriet in 2009, who was MJ’s goddaughter, Hollywood Life reports.

The claims in the book by Dr Conrad bring to the fore shocking details on the bizarre, dark world of the 400 million-record selling megastar, who died of a prescription drugs overdose in 2009. However, Lester declined to comment to the Mirror about Murray’s allegations. The former doctor in his book titled, “This Is It Laying Bare Grim Details From the King of Pop’s Life,” also wrote that Michael Jackson kept an option opened for him if Harriet said no.

The singer wanted to pursue the then 11-year-old Harry Potter star Emma Watson. Dr Conrad claimed that Michael Jackson was so serious about his fixation for Harriet that he went to the extent of researching about laws as to where in the world it would be legal to marry a girl so young. MJ’s case was reportedly that of a sick man.

The chapter from the book by Dr Conrad will be published on Tuesday. It reportedly talks about Michael Jackson’s sickly obsession with young girls.

However, Dr Conrad refused to comment whether the pop singer was “a danger to children.” He said that he has not earned anything after being released from jail in 2014. He added that he has not written the book detailing the life of MJ for earning money, but because Michael Jackson wanted him to do so, Daily Mail reports.

Below is Emma Watson during the promotion of her movie, “Regression.”

Such a great experience with such a wonderful director. Thank you Alejandro Amenabar xxx #Regression #Madrid

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