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Michael Jackson Confirmed Pedophile? The Truth!

Michael Jackson Confirmed Pedophile? The Truth!
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Michael Jackson Confirmed Pedophile? The Truth!

Michael Jackson has been dead since 2009 but there are still allegations that he was a sick pedophile. Recently, reports even surfaced that there are now solid evidences confirming this. But could these evidences be true?

The King of Pop, who died in June 2009 at the age of 50, has been linked to pedophile issues since 2004. Allegedly, his victims were his own nephews.

Reports said that there were photos obtained from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch showing nude snaps of his nephews, tortured magazines, and even Jon Benet Ramsay doll. With this, they said Michael Jackson is a confirmed pedophile.

But YouTuber Liam  McEwan posted a video debunking the whole “Michael Jacksson confirmed pedophile” reports . He explained that the photographer who captured these photos himself said these were taken in 2008. If the raid happened in 2003, the reports are obviously spreading lies.

McEwan also noted how the media twisted some photos found in Michael Jackson’s property. He said some were jusst edited to make it seems that Michael Jackson is a pedophile.

Children’s books in Michael’s “sex closet?” They were actually art books!

Liam underscored that the only thing that was found in his closet that is related to pornography were Playboy and Hustle magazine — materials most men own!

Liam McEwan was referring to Radar Online‘s report saying  that is was a click bait, noting that Michael Jackson’s popularity can be subjected to rudeness and nastiness.

He said it was his “way to stand up for someone who isn’t here to stand up for himself.”

H”This is a man who gave the world so much and really cared about the planet,” McEwan said, adding that it’s “pretty rude and inconsiderate” for these media outlets to treating him that way.

In the said false article, detectives claimed that they found evidences to point Michael Jackson as a pedophile. They have also talked to his nephew’s about the allegation.

Detectives claimed that the “Thriller” hit maker molested his nephews but was able to keep them mum by showering them with gifts.

“We received a credible tip about the nephews and, as with many things that happened during the investigation, Jackson’s people got wind of it and Jackson spirited the one boy off to an island,” said a former county detective in Santa Barbara said.

The detectives, who interviewed two of his nephews and one family member, said that Michael Jackson bought his nephew a brand new car after having him vacationed in an island so he will be silenced, as reported by Page Six.

Michael Jackson had 23 nephews and nieces from his brothers and sisters. He died in 2009 due to drug overdose.

Watch the “truth” here:


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