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Michael Jackson Anorexic & Suicidal? Doctor Reveals All

Michael Jackson Anorexic & Suicidal? Doctor Reveals All
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Michael Jackson Anorexic & Suicidal? Doctor Reveals All

The latest report about the late King of Pop Michael Jackson claimed he might be anorexic and suicidal.

Despite his death on June 25, 2009, a number of new reports about him have still been making headlines recently. Majority of these are malicious and negative.

It can be observed that his death alone was already surrounded with controversy and seven years after it, speculations about him are still unending.

According to his doctor, Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson, aside from being addicted to painkillers during his last days, allegedly had other medical conditions which the public don’t have an idea of, Radar Online reported.

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In his new tell-all book called “This Is It!,” the personal physician of the late superstar alleged that he might have an eating disorder.

“I noticed he was never hungry,” Murray narrated. “Unless he was joining his children for a meal, or someone insisted he have some food, he would never ask for something to eat.”

The medical doctor went on to say that he “found it odd” that Michael Jackson “only liked women ‘who looked like bones.’”

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Meanwhile, Murray shared that following the “Billy Jean” singer’s trial for child molestation charges, he went through depression in 2005, and reportedly overcame it with the help of Rhonda Byrne’s self-help book “The Secret.”

When it comes to the singer’s alleged claim that he had a skin disorder called vitiligo, the doctor denied it saying that he actually underwent “skin bleaching” procedures for him to look fairer and “erase memories of many past adversities in life.”

Back in May, Radar Online shared in a separate report that based on an insider’s account, Michael Jackson allegedly had a suicidal tendency.

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“Michael was really at the end of his rope,” the unnamed source dished. “He had so much trouble in his life. I think it was just too much for him to handle.”

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