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Micah Johnson Wrote Letters In Blood: Police Deciphering Markings On The Wall

Micah Johnson Wrote Letters In Blood: Police Deciphering Markings On The Wall
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Micah Johnson Wrote Letters In Blood: Police Deciphering Markings On The Wall

Micah Johnson, the Dallas shooter who killed five police officers, wrote in blood the letters “RB” and other markings on the wall of the parking garage.

Police investigators are putting a lot of effort to decipher the writings. They are doing so by going through evidence from the shooter’s suburban Dallas home.

The shooter was a black Army veteran who urged authorities to get a black negotiator, as he would only speak to him. The shooter wrote in blood on the wall of a parking garage where police cornered and later killed him, Police Chief David Brown said.

According to FOX News, two hours of negotiation took place, while the shooter taunted the authorities by laughing at them. He started singing, and there was a moment when he asked how many officers he had shot, said Brown.

Johnson had trained himself well in military-style drills in his yard. He also got training at a private self-defense school that provides lessons in special tactics. These special tactics include “shooting on the move,” an action in which a shooter fires and changes position before firing again.

The Dallas shooter was also an Army veteran, who also did a tour in Afghanistan. He also received training from the Academy of Combative Warrior Arts in the Dallas suburb of Richardson about two years ago.

Justin J. Everman is the school’s founder and chief instructor. According to the academy website, one of its courses is known as “tactical applications program,” or TAP.

“Reality is highly dynamic, you will be drawing your firearm, moving, shooting on the move, fixing malfunctions, etc. all under high levels of stress,” the website stated.

“Most people never get to train these skills as they are not typically allowed on the static gun range.”

Orlando Sentinel said that the TAP training is all about shooting from different positions. It includes “drawing under stress” and “drawing from concealment.”

However, Everman refused to specify which classes the Army veteran took.

Everman said that he didn’t know anything about Micah Johnson.

“I’m sorry. He’s gone. He’s old to us. I have thousands of people,” Everman said on Saturday.

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