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Miami Shark Attack Injures One

Miami Shark Attack Injures One
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Miami Shark Attack Injures One

A swimming area in Miami got a bit scary, as one swimmer was attacked by a Shark, though he did manage to survive thanks to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Ocean lifeguards. Thanks to them the swimmer is safe, though this might make beachgoers wary to swim in the beaches of Miami, which are safe most of the time. The unnamed swimmer was advised to leave the waters of Haulover Beach, before the Shark came and attacked him.

“Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Ocean Rescue lifeguards became aware of the shark lurking in the water,” Miami-Dade Fire Rescue spokeswoman Erika Benitez said. “Immediately, the lifeguards alerted people in the water by blowing their whistles, and gesturing for everyone to get out of the water.” Thankfully, the swimmer did not suffer from any life threatening injuries, though he was brought to a nearby hospital for proper care.

“The patient was transported by ground to a local hospital, (and their) injuries did not appear to be life-threatening,” Benitez said. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue lifeguard Matt Sparling said to CNN, “In my 20 years as a lifeguard, this is the first time a person has been bitten here at Haulover Beach, and possibly the first for Miami-Dade County.”

“Although these incidents are rare, we still ask beachgoers to always be aware of their surroundings. Always swim near manned lifeguard towers and be sure to always heed all warnings issued by lifeguards.”

Sharks aren’t as deadly as seen in the various Jaws movies, but they are still a threat to anyone that encounters a hungry one. It’s a good thing that the lifeguards got to the swimmer in time, so this should be a lesson for anyone that plans on swimming into these beaches. Admittedly, it’s not too hard to fathom how this was the first time a Shark bit a person in Haulover Beach.

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