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Miami Heat Wins, But That Isn’t What The World’s Talking About

Miami Heat Wins, But That Isn’t What The World’s Talking About

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Miami Heat Wins, But That Isn’t What The World’s Talking About

While the Miami Heat won over the Indiana Pacers by eight on Tuesday night, that certainly wasn’t the only source of excitement amid fans and viewers. Present amid the spectators was a blonde fan wearing an apparently revealing clothes.

The fan, recognized as Alyssa Nelson, was seated underneath the basket dressed in the plunging black dress. In a Vine video, she can be seen celebrating by jumping up after Goran Dragic’s layup. As she did so, viewers caught sight of her cleavage, though the video didn’t show her face; nevertheless, Daily Mail reports, it did set up the internet ablaze, bringing in heaps of attention.

She shared a picture on her Instagram page, captioning it, “Heat game tonight.”

As reported by FOX News, she said, “All the press is a little overwhelming but also exciting! I’m just rolling with it and having fun.” Soon after the snapshot of her jumping up in celebration after Dragic’s layup was widely shared across the internet, social media users flocked to Nelson’s Twitter and Instagram pages and left comments of appreciation.

One of the fans wrote on her page, “Fans like you make it worth watching.” Another wrote, “Just became a basketball fan.”

This isn’t the first time Nelson, from Minnesota, has received such widespread attention on social media. As reported by CBS Minnesota, at a Minnesota Wild Game, she featured in a video screaming at Wild forward Charlie Coyle, saying “Whoop his a**, Charlie.” The video, with the hashtag #LadyInPink, soon went viral. The Wild won that game; and, as a result, Nelson became the unofficial good luck charm for the team.

“I mean, maybe It was good luck, maybe we’ll find out,” she had said after the Wild game. “But I’ll be definitely wearing pink at the next home game.”

The former Hooters waitress recently shared a picture on her Instagram where she can be seen wearing a Florida Panthers jersey. “You’re looking at a new Panthers fan. #Official,” she wrote.

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