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Miami Heat Might Trade Goran Dragic After Chris Bosh Failed Physical

Miami Heat Might Trade Goran Dragic After Chris Bosh Failed Physical
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Miami Heat Might Trade Goran Dragic After Chris Bosh Failed Physical

Chris Bosh won’t be joining the Miami Heat training camp after he recently failed a preseason physical. The major setback could open the trade market for point guard Goran Dragic.

The Heat declined to comment on the state of Bosh’s health. Team officials pointed out a clause in the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement which forbids teams from divulging sensitive medical information.

In a short video message posted on YouTube, Bosh stated that his NBA journey goes on regardless of the trials and tribulations. He did not explain further why he failed the preseason physical.

“Just because the journey has ups and downs doesn’t mean that I will stop sharing with you guys. So I will just continue to share, despite what’s going on,” he said. “Little setbacks happen, but that doesn’t change my intentions and what I want accomplish. So, I hope you continue to watch. I hope you continue to really just take in my journey and just come along with me.”

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Heat president Pat Riley and general partner Micky Arison were hopeful that Bosh would be cleared for training camp. The 6-foot-11 power forward has been spending most of the offseason working out and consulting multiple doctors about the use of blood thinners during games, as per ESPN.

Bosh has missed 67 regular season games in the past two years. His recurring blood clot problems have incited varying opinions from both the sports and medical communities.

Despite Bosh’s unwavering optimism, all indications point towards his playing days being essentially over. His remaining $75.9 million salary will come off the Heat’s pay roll if an independent doctor deems him unfit to continue his NBA career. He will still get paid, but his paycheck won’t be included in the team’s salary cap considerations.

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Richard Nurse of All U Can Heat believes the next best move is to trade Goran Dragic. He is an elite point guard, but not the type of player who can carry a franchise on his back.

Last summer, Dragic signed a long-term contract with the Heat thinking Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh would still be on board. He told ESPN’s Dan Le Batard that winning is his primary motivation for staying in South Beach.

The problem is that the Heat aren’t expected to win many games without Wade and Bosh. Pat Riley prefers an immediate fix over a slow rebuilding process. Trading Dragic would provide the team with financial flexibility to pursue one or two marquee names in 2017.

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