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Miami Heat News: Chris Bosh Leaving South Beach For Dallas Mavericks – Report

Miami Heat News: Chris Bosh Leaving South Beach For Dallas Mavericks – Report
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Miami Heat News: Chris Bosh Leaving South Beach For Dallas Mavericks – Report

Chris Bosh has already declared that he is healthy, but the Miami Heat appear unwilling to declare the All-Star power forward fit to play for next season. The current standoff is prompting speculation suggesting that the Heat and Bosh will eventually go separate ways soon.

Chris Bosh Ready For Miami Heat Training Camp

Bosh has helped the Heat win two NBA championships, but his career has been on a downward trajectory over the past two seasons. The veteran power forward failed to finish the last two seasons due to blood clots in his lungs and calf, which required him to go under blood thinner.

There were speculations that Bosh might just retire due to the nature of his medical condition. However, the superstar forward insisted in recent interviews that he is ready to return to action in the upcoming season.

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“I’m ready,” Bosh declared during an interview on Open Run podcast for Uninterrupted. “I’ve done all work. I’ve done what I need to do working with the doctors.”

Miami Heat Unwilling To Take Him Back?

But despite Bosh’s recent declaration, the Heat are still silent about their plan. Are they cooking up a possible trade instead of taking the 32-year-old back, which could affect their salary cap in the coming years?

In the event the Heat decide to put Bosh on the trading block, FanSided’s The Smoking Cuban speculated that the Dallas Mavericks could be one of the first teams to inquire about a possible deal. Dallas is an ideal landing spot for Bosh, considering the fact that the 13-year-old veteran was born in the city.

“The relationship between him and the Heat organization is something to keep an eye on over the next month or so surrounding his blood clots,” FanSided noted, referring to the Bosh-Heat standoff. “If he ever did hit the market, I would expect his hometown to make a call.”

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The Mavericks have the pieces to make the deal work. They could have a direct trade with each other or they could also involve other teams to create a more enticing deal. While there is no imminent deal at this point, Bosh’s status is worth monitoring before training camp begins later this month.

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