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Chris Bosh Can Move To Other Teams In March

Chris Bosh Can Move To Other Teams In March
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Chris Bosh Can Move To Other Teams In March

Tensions between the Miami Heat and Chris Bosh are flaring dangerously. The team reportedly wants to prevent the two-time NBA champion from signing with a contender this upcoming season.

Sources close to the situation claimed that Pat Riley plans to wait until after the playoff deadline to waive Bosh. The move would avert the possibility of him coming back to haunt the team in the post-season.

Waiving the eleven-time All-Star before March 1 would make him eligible to play for a contender like the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2017 Playoffs. Not only that, the early divorce would extend the Heat’s salary cap woes.

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If Bosh plays at least 25 games for any team this season, his $76 million salary will remain on the Heat’s payroll. By not allowing Bosh to play that many games, the Heat will have additional cap space to pursue one or two marquee free agents in 2017.

According to Mark Sanchez of New York Post, Bosh will still get the $76 million regardless if he is waived or not. It’s just a matter of financial leverage for the Heat. Waiving him would free $25 million from the team’s salary cap space in the next three years.

Despite opposition from the medical community, Bosh still believes he can play basketball at the highest level.  Recurring blot clot issues have forced him to miss a huge chunk of games in the past two seasons.

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In a video posted on Uninterrupted, Bosh stated that he isn’t fueled by money. He wants to continue playing in the NBA because of his children and his sheer love for the game.

“I want my children to know that daddy was a fighter and he just didn’t give up very easily,” he said.  “I’m not really thinking about money. I’m just thinking about where my heart is. I love the NBA. I love playing basketball every day for a living.”

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