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‘MH370’ With Pilot Skeleton Found In The Philippines – Report

‘MH370’ With Pilot Skeleton Found In The Philippines – Report
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‘MH370’ With Pilot Skeleton Found In The Philippines – Report

A Filipino is claiming that his nephew found a plane that could be the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that went missing in March of 2014.

Malaysian authorities are now verifying a police testimony filed by a Filipino claiming that his nephew found a plane that could be the missing “Malaysia Airlines Flight 370” that went missing in March of 2014. The testimony said the plane was found with a human skeleton in the pilot’s seat and other human bones scattered inside the plane.

According to the document received by Sabah police, the man’s nephew saw plane debris with a Malaysian flag painted on it. The plane was found in the remote southern Philippine island of Tawi Tawi while they were hunting for birds, according to Malaysia’s local news site, The Star Online. The group had even taken a flag they reportedly found in the wreckage.

In a separate report, The Star Online reported that Philippine authorities are now baffled about the said plane wreckage in the island. Philippine police said there were no prior reports saying that an aircraft crashed in one of the islands in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao.

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“We will check it out but if there is any aircraft that has gone down in our area there would have been alerts from civil aviation authorities. To date, there has been none,” Maguindanao-based Regional Chief Directorial Staff Senior Supt Rodoleo Jocson told The Star Online.

Malaysian State Commissioner Datuk Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman said the matter is still being investigated. Inspector-general of Malaysian police, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, said they are already working with their Filipino counterparts in order to verify the reported discovery of the missing MH370. Khalid said the testimony from the man had no photograph to support the claim. Khalid promised an update in two days.

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On October 11, Malaysia’s transport minister, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong, said Malaysia’s Department of Civil Aviation had already been instructed to verify the report from the Philippines. The minister called for everyone not to speculate further and leave the matter into the police.

“I have told the DCA to look into the report. We don’t know if the report is true, so we need to verify it first. Let’s not speculate and give space to the DCA to conduct its investigation,” Liow Tiong said as quoted by The Malaymail Online.

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