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MH370 Search Update: Photos Of Passengers’ Belongings Released

MH370 Search Update: Photos Of Passengers’ Belongings Released
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MH370 Search Update: Photos Of Passengers’ Belongings Released

The man credited for the discovery of parts that could be from the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 in Madagascar may have also found articles of possession of the deceased passengers at the same site.

Blaine Gibson, who discovered the debris in Mozambique in March (which the authorities say are “almost certainly” from MH370) has funded his own search of the debris from the missing plane in east Africa.

Gibson also discovered three potential pieces of the missing flight on a Madagascar beach, on the island of Nosy Boraha, earlier this month. Speaking with BBC, he said that the parts “may have just fallen off a ship.”

“Still, I found them on the same 18km (11-mile) stretch of beach where I found suspected aircraft parts [of the Malaysia Airlines jet] so it is important that they are investigated properly,” he said.

These articles of possession that washed up on the beach include a white, black and red Angry Birds purse, a tartan handbag and black laptop case with the letter MENSA (images of the belongings can be viewed at the bottom of the story). Malaysia Airlines MH370, carrying 239 passengers, was flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March 2014. It has presumed to have crashed into the southern Indian Ocean.

“Because I found them on the same beach as the aircraft parts, they’re worth investigation and special treatment,” Gibson said, as reported by KING 5. “How can we determine if they’re from MH370? …. The only way to know is to get them into the hands of investigators and to get the pictures into the hands of the family members so they can look and share and see if they recognize them.”

The images of these personal belongings have been released by campaigners on the Aircrash Support Group Australia website which will help affirm if they belonged to the passengers aboard the MH370.

“We need to solve this mystery,” said Gibson. “We must give the families the answers they deserve, and we must give the flying public the answers as to what happened to this plane.”

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