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MH370 In Bay Of Bengal, Letter To Interpol Insists

MH370 In Bay Of Bengal, Letter To Interpol Insists
Bay of Bengal and Eastern Coast Line Ashwin Kumar / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


MH370 In Bay Of Bengal, Letter To Interpol Insists

Whoever was in control of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 had planned to use the plane for a provocative action against the U.S. military base on the island of Diego Garcia, a letter addressed to the Interpol stated. The wreckage of the missing MH370 is still lying at the depth of 1,000 meters in The Bay of Bengal contrary to the search area identified by The Australian Transport Safety Bureau that is heading the search operations, the letter claims.

MH370 wreckage in The Bay Of Bengal

“There is no doubt in my mind that MH370 did a soft ditch landing and then slowly sank while drift gliding to an unknown site… at the depth of 1000 meters in The Bay of Bengal,” volunteer investigator Andre Milne wrote in his letter addressed to the Interpol.

Milne is a military technology developer for Unicorn Aerospace and a volunteer investigator for ASOVE Global Human Rights. In April, he started a fundraiser to finance the search for MH370 near the Maldives. He said there is high probability that the debris, identified by Russian satellite technology two days after the MH370 went missing, remained fully intact.

He said the person or persons behind the elaborate plan “simply had to slow the airspeed of MH370 down to an average controllable airspeed of 250kn to get to the Maldives to cover the multiple night time zone distance slow enough to pass by the Maldives when the sun was up with ample fuel to back track and make a soft ditch landing” to an unknown location.

Milne said that his letter addressed to the Interpol contains findings “that generates irreversible damage to the credibility of the Australian Government” and all other agencies involved in the search for MH370. He said the Australian Government is now desperate in its claim that the missing aircraft had disintegrated upon high speed impact into the Indian Ocean. He highlighted that the search operation has never produced “one single piece of corroborative physical evidence” a year after the plane went missing.

In a separate letter addressed to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Milne posed 7 significant questions he deemed are necessary for the Government of Australia to answer. The list includes a question whether the Government of Australia has any plan of invoicing or reimbursing the expenses incurred for the search operation. MH370 insurance underwriters is said to have set the search budget to as much as 2.5 billion U.S. dollars, Milne Wrote.

Read Milne’s full letter addressed to the Interpol and Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Error in official MH370 search report

Milne’s letter comes after a Queensland woman, whose sister was aboard MH370, identified significant errors in the search report released in April 2015. The woman pointed out that the report put the plane’s gross weight at 492,520kg at the time of takeoff – a weight that makes any plane impossible to operate. The woman also noted that the report mentioned of a designated seat “B,” which did not actually exist. There are also discrepancies in the timing of voice recordings taken from the flight, the woman told the Herald Sun.


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