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MET Gala 2016: Miley Cyrus Forbidden To Go By Liam Hemsworth?

MET Gala 2016: Miley Cyrus Forbidden To Go By Liam Hemsworth?
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MET Gala 2016: Miley Cyrus Forbidden To Go By Liam Hemsworth?

Miley Cyrus, 23 and Liam Hemsworth, 26 both looked happy and much in love while they boarded a private helicopter in Brisbane, Australia on May 1. The picture would have been worth a thousand words if it did not mean Cyrus missed out on MET Gala 2016, where the biggest of stars attended. Did Liam Hemsworth forbid the actress from attending it?

According to Hollywood Life, the two went on a romantic holiday in Liam’s brother Chris Hemsworth’s home in Australia. Hollywood Life reported that Cyrus opted to miss the MET Gala 2016, even though it would have been the perfect event for her to have fun with some dresses and othe fashion icons because of Liam.

The source told Hollywood Life that “Miley would have loved to have gone to the Met Gala and knows she would have totally rocked it with this year’s theme of Fashion in the Age of Technology. However, being with Liam was more important.” The source added that the former Disney star is keen to make Liam a priority these days so that their relationship will not end up failing again.

“It was important for her to let him know that he and their relationship is her top priority. She wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than with him right now,” the source added.

If she attended this year’s MET Gala, there is no doubt in our minds that she would have rocked the event with her dress of choice. It can be remembered that she graced last year’s event with a mesh gown. Outrageous yes, but so memorable!

If Cyrus skipped the event, she did it wholeheartedly it seems. The couple was snapped at the airport walking together and they look mighty pleased with each other’s company. According to US Weekly, they might have rejected the engagement rumors but they are already planning for a wedding. The source said the actress wants a summer wedding.

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