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MET Gala 2016: Kylie Jenner A Diva, Tyga Irritated?

MET Gala 2016: Kylie Jenner A Diva, Tyga Irritated?

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MET Gala 2016: Kylie Jenner A Diva, Tyga Irritated?

Kylie Jenner was nurturing a dream of going to the Met Gala 2016 but it suddenly turned into something very different on May 2. She and Tyga reportedly had a lover’s quarrel that night because Jenner was acting like a diva.

According to Hollywood Life, Kylie Jenner, 18 and boyfriend Tyga 26 were all set for a great night at the Ball but things did not go as planned.

They wore matching dresses and all but not a single photo was taken for the couple. Afterwards, they bashed each other on Instagram. What went wrong?

On May 3, everything was unravelled about what made the night go sour and what part Lemonade had play on this quarrel. It so happened that on the night of May 2, Kylie was acting like a diva and she was ignoring Tyga in every way. Tyga pointed out she was doing too much and that irritated the youngest sister of Kim Kardashian.

Kylie also uploaded a telling lyric from Lemonade by Beyonce, that said, “big homie better grow up.” The mirror photo garnered nearly 100,000 likes from her 60 million followers, reports IBT Times. Many said it was a diss against Tyga.

Tyga then reportedly replied to this on his Instagra, saying “only god can judge me.” That is what Tyga has tattooed on his neck. The post received more than 90,000 likes from his 9 million followers.

They reportedly made up afterwards, but the night would have been sweeter if they did not have that little tiff. After all, it is their first MET ball together!

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