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Merger Between Google And Twitter Fantastic Use of ‘Google Cash,’ Says Chris Sacca

Merger Between Google And Twitter Fantastic Use of ‘Google Cash,’ Says Chris Sacca
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Merger Between Google And Twitter Fantastic Use of ‘Google Cash,’ Says Chris Sacca

Chris Sacca, a staunch investor of Twitter, commented after he wrote a blog on Wednesday that it would be an “instant fit” for Google to buy Twitter.

In an interview with CNBC, Sacca shared that a merger between the two social media giants “would be a fantastic use of Google’s cash.”

Sacca lamented on his blog that Twitter needed to improve its product, emphasizing its content around popular discussions and live events.

He added that “Twitter can be so much more than it is today.” While Sacca admired Twitter’s potential, he nevertheless opined that the popular social media’s strength is not taken full advantage of.

Though Twitter has 302 million users every month, around a billion users did not stay. Sacca recommended Twitter to assume bigger risks and even went further by suggesting that introducing apps to allow users to organize their posts according to topics or prompts to assist them in deciding what to tweet would boost its appeal.

A Failure In Telling Its Story

What makes Twitter lag behind other social media networks is the fact that unlike others, Twitter failed to tell its own story to investors and users, according to Sacca, referring to its sole feature of letting users post on a 140-character updates, including a chance to post a video or photo.

Late in April, its stock plummeted by 28 percent when Twitter slashed its sales forecast and posted a revenue which fell short of what analysts previously estimated.

Consequently, many of them harbored concerns on its management’s credibility as well as evaluation of consumer and advertiser demand.

Curating Content

A former advisor of Twitter, Sacca believes it would make Twitter user-friendly by developing a different service or application to curate its content. And with the assistance of some people, concentrate on certain live events.

When that happens, Twitter would then “be a place everyone visits first to see how the game is going or when the show starts” sans a requirement of logging in or tweeting.

To make Twitter even more interactive and dynamic, Sacca further recommended to have channels that could be a reservoir of information on some topics or locations and organizations like the National Basketball Association. It could develop a separate application showcasing tweets. In a nutshell, Sacca would want to see Twitter become a happy place.

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