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Meningitis Outbreak Suspect Gets Prison Sentence

Meningitis Outbreak Suspect Gets Prison Sentence
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Meningitis Outbreak Suspect Gets Prison Sentence

After a meningitis outbreak caused 76 deaths and hundreds of illnesses, Barry Cadden, the co-owner of the pharmacy responsible for the outbreak, was sentenced to nine years in prison. The meningitis outbreak that killed and sickened many people was caused by contaminated steroids that Cadden approved for his pharmacy. Cadden apologized to the victims still affected by the contaminated steroids, as well as the families who lost loved ones because of it.

“I am so sorry for your extraordinary losses,” Cadden said, with tears in his eyes. “I am sorry for the whole range of suffering that resulted from my company’s drugs.” While Cadden is going to jail for nine years, many feel like his sentence is too light for the crimes committed. Most people were hoping to see him stay in jail for life, but that won’t be happening.

Rachelle Shuff is one of the many victims who still struggle with the meningitis outbreak for the rest of their life after taking the contaminated. Shuff suffers from vomiting, chronic pain, nosebleeds, memory loss and much more, due to the steroid infection. “I will die, imprisoned in my body,” she stated.

Victims of the crime were hoping he would get a 50 year sentence, while George Varghese, the assistant US Attorney, urged the judge to give him 35 years. Cadden’s lawyers felt he only deserved three years, since the jury had acquitted him for murder, though he was still guilty for fraud and conspiracy. Many will say that Cadden got off easy with nine years, considering the amount of pain and suffering his deeds have caused.

Cadden will report to a federal prison on August 7, and will remain free but on bond until that date. The other responsible party, Glenn Chin, has pleaded not guilty and will be tried in September, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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