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Melissa & Joey Inches Toward Happy Ending; Here Is The Episode Guide

Melissa & Joey Inches Toward Happy Ending; Here Is The Episode Guide
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Melissa & Joey Inches Toward Happy Ending; Here Is The Episode Guide

Melissa & Joey is an American television sitcom that revolves around Melanie “Mel” Burke (Melissa Joan Hart) and Joseph “Joe” Longo (Joey Lawrence). Mel is an upcoming politician who hires Joe as the nanny of her niece and nephew. As “Melissa & Joey” inches towards its final episode to be telecasted on August 5, read on to find out more.

On May 28, ABC Family renewed “Melissa & Joey” for season 4 with 20 episodes. Later, the company decided not to renew it further and thus the final episode is going to be aired on August 5.

Episode 1: The first episode was named “Witch Came First,” where someone from Melissa’s past came to let others know that she was a teenage witch.

Episode 2: The next episode was “A Melanie & Josiah Christmas” and it focuses on the ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Episode 3: The third episode is “The Honeymooners” where Mel and Joe are shown to head to a cabin once their honeymoon to Tahiti got cancelled. Lennox’s secret romance with Marco also gets exposed thanks to Joe’s hidden cameras.

Episode 4: Episode 4 is called “The Day After,” which shows Mel getting in an awkward position with Joe.

Episode 5: The next episode is “Let’s Get It Started” where Joe wants to have a baby but Mel denies the same.

Episode 6: Episode 6 is “Failure to Communicate” where Mel, Joe, Lennox and Dani are anxious to video chat with Ryder in Louisiana to wish him a happy 18th birthday.

Episode 7: In the episode “Thanks But No Thanks” Mel and Joe receive a late wedding gift from family members.

Episode 8: In the “Face the Music” episode, Zander comes over. Mel gets to know that Zander hasn’t told his girlfriend about them working together; she insist going back there to tell her.

Episode 9: The “Being There” episode saw Jen getting rid of cellphones and computers in order to have more family time.

Episode 10: “Parental Guidance” is an episode where Lennox gets infatuated with Evita Freeman and Mel becomes jealous of their relationship.

Episode 11: In the “Gone Girl” episode, Dani calls her mother to tell her about drinking but things change as her mother cancels the tour and decides to take her back.

Episode 12: “You Say You Want an Ovulation” saw Ryder quitting AmeriCorps as his girlfriend dumps him. He is back home and announces that he is going to join Navy.

Episode 13: The episode “Call of Duty” reveals the pregnancy test result of Melissa. She is secretly buying and hiding baby items.

Episode 14: “You Little Devil” is an episode where Joe gets turned off when Mel’s ex-boyfriend comes in and reveals the secret of her tattoo.

Episode 15: This episode is about the “The Book Club” where an author comes in the book club and Joe criticizes his writing. On the other hand, Lennox uncovers Zander and McKenna’s secret romance.

Episode 16: The 16th episode is “The Early Shift,” where Joe takes a job with a demanding shift.

Episode 17: The “The Parent Trap” episode where Mel asks his father to talk to Joe’s mother to write her will.

Episode 18: In “Melissa & Joey’s Frozen” episode Joe and Melissa is frozen and they wake up after 100 years.

Episode 19: Joe decided to get a fake gift in “Put a Ring on It” and it turns out to be quite good.

Episode 20: The family looks back in time.

Episode 21: “Be The Bigger Person” will be shown on July 29 which will show Mel’s public image getting marred by Twitter .

Episode 22: “Double Happiness” is the going to be the last episode where Mel and Joe will have twins.

With episode 22, we come to the end of “Melissa & Joey” episode guide. The show has gotten mixed ratings from viewers throughout season 4. Don’t forget to watch the final episodes of the show and we will keep you updated on anything new.

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