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Melania Trump Net Worth, From Slovenia To Fashion World: Facts About America’s ‘Future’ First Lady

Melania Trump Net Worth, From Slovenia To Fashion World: Facts About America’s ‘Future’ First Lady
Donald Trump Marc Nozell/Wikimedia Commons CC by 2.0


Melania Trump Net Worth, From Slovenia To Fashion World: Facts About America’s ‘Future’ First Lady

Melania Trump may become America’s next first lady should her husband, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, successfully make it the White House.

On Monday, Melania addressed voters and party members during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Onstage, no one can deny that it Melania was made for this kind of role, even though reports are now surfacing that she had plagiarized her speech. Still, Melania is a woman destined for greatness, something she had propelled herself to, even as a fresh model out of Slovenia.

Before she became a Trump, she was known as Melanija Knavs. She made her first foray into modeling in Milan and soon found herself working all over Europe. Soon, she would move to New York, and that’s where destiny struck. She was at a Fashion Week party at the Kit Kat Club when she met business tycoon Donald Trump. This would be the start of their romance and her rise from a model to Trump’s third wife.

Nene Bedek, a close childhood friend of Melania, told The New York Times that it was no surprise for Mrs. Trump to have fallen for the controversial GOP candidate. After all, Trump, in a lot of ways, was like her father, Viktor Knavs.

Mr. Knavs himself knew the importance of dressing to impress. One neighbor would recall, “He always wore a tie, smart clothes and carried a briefcase. You could not avoid noticing him.”

Fast forward to Melania, who is now a household name in her own right. It seems she is now living every bit of fantasy she once imagined as a little girl. When it comes to her travel decisions, she told GQ, “Nobody controls me. I travel with my husband when I can, when I know that I can go, and I know that my son is okay alone for a few days with the help.”

Her relationship with Mr. Trump fascinates many. Based on his interview with Howard Stern, it’s clear that Donald is obsessed with his wife’s physical, god-like beauty. When asked what he would do if Melania was involved in a car accident, lost her arm, and damaged her foot, Donald asked, “How do the breasts look?”

And when Stern said the breasts were fine, Donald answered that, of course, he would stay. “Because that’s important,” he added.

Meanwhile aside from making a name for herself as Trump’s wife, Melania is proud to say that she has become quite the philanthropist. She said she is already supporting “many, many charities.”

And should she take on the role of America’s next First Lady, one thing is for certain. Stylist Phillip Bloch said, “She’d be great at picking out the china patterns; she’d be a classic First Lady.”

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