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Melania Trump Did Not Plagiarize, She Cited ‘My Little Pony’

Melania Trump Did Not Plagiarize, She Cited ‘My Little Pony’
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Melania Trump Did Not Plagiarize, She Cited ‘My Little Pony’

Did Melania Trump copy the speech of Michelle Obama? Republican National Convention claimed that there is a perfectly valid reason why Melania Trump and Michelle Obama’s speeches have similarities.

After several reports noted the similarity of the speech delivered by the wife of the Republican presidential bet Donald Trump with the one which the First Lady used in 2008, many have come to ask if indeed plagiarism did happen.

Amid this scenario, the Republican National Convention came to the rescue and defended her through their chief strategist Sean Spicer.

In an interview with CNN, Spicer pointed out that the speech of Melania Trump actually used common phrases which could be summarized to 70 words with three passages that came from Twilight Sparkle of “My Little Pony.”

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“Melania Trump said, ‘the strength of your dreams and willingness to work for them.’ Twilight Sparkle from ‘My Little Pony’ said, ‘This is your dream. Anything you can do in your dreams, you can do now,'” Spicer explained.

The RNC rep continued to insist that with such words being so common, he can easily get a list of those instances that the same words were used through the help of a search engine.

“I mean if we want to take a bunch of phrases and run them through a Google and say, ‘Hey, who else has said them,’ I can do that in five minutes,” he concluded about the highly-controversial speech of Melania Trump.

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In the middle of this hullaballoo, some might have ended up thinking that someone might get fired because of the plagiarism allegations.

CNN revealed in a separate report, though, that no one will lose his or her job for what happened despite Donald Trump being “furious” about it.

Based on the gathered information by the news outlet, the campaign team of Donald Trump would not want to dwell on the issue which erupted after an independent journalist discovered the reported similarity.

According to the campaign chair of Melania Trump’s husband, Paul Manafort, “no cribbing” of Michelle Obama’s speech has ever happened while emphasizing that using the FLOUS’ words is “crazy.”

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