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Meet The Woman Prince Harry Kissed In Public

Meet The Woman Prince Harry Kissed In Public
Prince Harry at Trooping the Colour, 2013, from Carfax2 / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0


Meet The Woman Prince Harry Kissed In Public


Prince Harry at Trooping the Colour, 2013, from Wikimedia Commons

Prince Harry kissed Warwick resident Norma McLennan when he arrived in Canberra, Australia on April 6 to begin his month-long attachment with the Australian Defence Force. McLennan was among the estimated 1,000 people gathered in the rain to see the prince upon his arrival.

“Spur-of-the-moment” Kiss from Prince Harry

McLennan was able to kiss the prince just a day after her 76th birthday, the Warwick Daily News reported. She said that the kiss was a “spur-of-the-moment” thing.

She flew to the venue for Prince Harry’s arrival the moment she learned from a news report that he was only 10 minutes down the road from her son’s house, where she was staying.

“We got there and there was a tall woman in front of me who I couldn’t really see over. I thought I would never see him and then the next moment the prince was there and shook my hand,” McLennan said.

The moment Prince Harry held her hand, she took the opportunity to say it was her birthday.

“I said to him, ‘this is from one red-head to another’ and told him it was my birthday the day before. We just both kind of lent in and I kissed him on one side and he kissed me on the other,” McLennan marveled.

She said there is nothing that can top the kiss, even calling it the best birthday present ever. She was more than happy that the prince’s security was equally kind, just like Prince Harry.

“I thought I might get arrested but the security guards didn’t do anything. He (Prince Harry) was just a really nice fun-loving guy.”

As previously reported by Morning News USA, Prince Harry is in Australia for his month-long attachment with the Australian army.


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