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Meet Ron Anglin, The Man Who Wants Clowns To Be Loved Again: See Photos And Facts

Meet Ron Anglin, The Man Who Wants Clowns To Be Loved Again: See Photos And Facts
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Meet Ron Anglin, The Man Who Wants Clowns To Be Loved Again: See Photos And Facts

With all the news that’s been circulating lately, one man is determined to restore humanity’s faith in clowns again.

” To counter all the horrible images out there, I am asking you to help me flood FB with images that show what REAL Clowns do!”

This was the heartfelt appeal Ron Anglin posted on his Facebook page recently. Once a pilot for the 82nd Airborne Division, the former serviceman now dresses himself as a clown five to six days each month. His new mission in life is to bring a smile to children’s faces, especially to those who are battling possibly terminal diseases such as cancer.

Anglin says his work as an educational and comic juggler provides more than just entertainment for kids who are seriously ill. “Never wanted to be a clown, but I learned to be one so that I could help seriously ill children get well faster. Science backs that up,” he explains.

Today, Anglin works for the Big Apple Circus ClownCare at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. For his work, he makes up his face minimally into a clown and seeks permission from child patients if he can enter their rooms and make them laugh for a little while.

Anglin said he also never goes into a child’s room unless the parents are also present. He also happens to always be with a partner who is ” there to make the job safer.”

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For Anglin, being a comic juggler is his way of being able to make a difference in someone else’s life. “The moms with tears in their own eyes whispering thank you, so as not to wake their sick child we just sang to sleep, makes it worth it,” he explains.

With news going around about sightings of clown killers lately, Anglin wants to be sure that people don’t forget that clowns can still be harmless, fun and lovable. He created the hashtag ” #realclownsareaboutlove” and asked all of his clown friends to share photos of themselves at work. ” We are just people, trying to help others, and take care of our families,” he explains.

As for all the clown haters out there, Anglin only has one thing to say to them, ” If you choose to hate me or threaten me for that, go ahead. I will only show you love and respect.”

Today, Anglin and his friends continue to cheer up children despite bothersome clown news sweeping the nation today. And in case you want to look him up, you can find Anglin by his clown name, Dr. Tiny.

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