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Meet Carla Roméra, French Girl Serenaded By Hundreds Of Irish Men

Meet Carla Roméra, French Girl Serenaded By Hundreds Of Irish Men
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Meet Carla Roméra, French Girl Serenaded By Hundreds Of Irish Men

A video showing hundreds of Irish fans singing the Frankie Valli song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” to French girl Carla Roméra has gone viral.

Lifeguard and model Carla was surrounded by a group of partying Irish fans. It was reported that she loved every single moment of it.

The Boys In Green supporters have been the dazzling aspect of the Euro 2016, without a doubt.

They start at the balcony singing, intervening TV reports, or showing respect to local law enforcement.

Carla Roméra has now been revealed as the object of their affection. The beautiful French girl seems amused in the clip, while hundreds of fans sang incredible love songs at her.

According to the Daily Mail, the viral video is heart-warming. The French lifeguard elaborated the moment and said that it was “magical.”

“I never normally go there. After a drink, we went out for some air and a few Irish lads started off having their pictures taken with me,” she said.

“It made me laugh. Then one of them started to sing and all the others turned round and followed him.”

She thought she was dreaming. After it started she was unable to comprehend the whole situation, but soon enough, she began to appreciate it.

Roméra believed that the whole incident was done nicely and with good humor, said Mirror.

She said that she was very proud of the Irish. According to her, the time was absolutely magical and was filled with kindness and joy.

While the entire ordeal looked more than a little intense for the sweet French girl, it has been viewed over 1.2 million times on YouTube. The second song used to serenade her was “Hey Baby” by DJ Otzi. And in the end, there was loud cheering for the luckiest gentleman among the lot, who bagged himself a kiss.

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