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Meet Aarush Anand, 7-Year-Old Boy Who Only Wants Peace In Syria For Christmas

Meet Aarush Anand, 7-Year-Old Boy Who Only Wants Peace In Syria For Christmas
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Meet Aarush Anand, 7-Year-Old Boy Who Only Wants Peace In Syria For Christmas

In a heartwarming letter written to Santa, a seven-year-old boy from Nottinghamshire has asked for peace in Syria instead of Christmas presents.

Aarush Anand, who goes to Nottingham High School, wrote the letter on Wednesday. According to the school, the exercise was to get students into a festive mood, all while improving letter writing skills.

What’s in Aarush Anand’s letter?

“The only thing I want for Christmas is peace, like in Syria,” wrote Aarush in the letter.

The letter continued, saying, “In Syria, basically every day someone gets killed” and that people die daily in India and Pakistan, too.

“I don’t really like war, and I’ve been reading about the world war and nuclear bomb in Japan and I feel I don’t really like it,” said Aarush in the letter, according to a BBC report.

To him, “Syria is like a mini version of a world war happening in one place and I thought I should write about Syria.

“Some people starve there. We are lucky that we have food here, and I’m lucky to come to this school and my mum and dad can educate me this much.”

Aarush also said that he is grateful of the fact that he has food and gets to go to school. Aarush’s teacher, who was not expecting the contents of the letter, said he was “moved.”

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Peace in Syria Possible? Death Toll Rises to Half A Million

According to the non-profit I Am Syria, 450,000 people have died in the Syrian war so far, among which 50,000 are children. The Syrian government, Russia, ISIS and international coalition forces are major entities causing civilian death in the war-torn land.

According to SNHR reports, Syrian government forces killed the highest number of civilians (741) on November 2016; Russian forces come second at 358 kills.

Syrian Refugees in Canada

Celebrating the one-year anniversary of their arrival, Syrian refugee children in Canada on Thursday performed a series of heartfelt songs in the House of Commons.

“We thank you Canada, our new home Canada,” the children sang. “We love you, Canada.”

The Huffington Post reported the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was seen beaming with joy at the children’s performance.

The songs addressed xenophobia within the lyrics, said the report.

“I am a child with something to say, please listen to me. I am child who wants to play, why won’t you let me?” the children sang. “Please give us a chance. … I am singing for tomorrow.”

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