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Meek Mill Net Worth: Nicki Minaj’s Boyfriend Reportedly A Gold Digger

Meek Mill Net Worth: Nicki Minaj’s Boyfriend Reportedly A Gold Digger
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Meek Mill Net Worth: Nicki Minaj’s Boyfriend Reportedly A Gold Digger

Meek Mill has been making the headlines ever since he started dating Queen of rap, Nicki Minaj. But is he in a relationship with her for money?

Meek Mill has been in the music industry for years now even though most people did not know his name until Nicki Minaj showed up holding hands with him on 2016 MTV VMAs. Here is a look at the Mill’s bank balance and income sources.

According to Money Nation, Meek Mill’s net worth is estimated at $10 million. Even though he has allegedly earned $24 million since 2011, when he began his career as a rapper, almost half of his earnings go towards his lavish lifestyle and paying taxes.

Concert Incomes

The main source of income for Meek Mill is his concert tours. He has held more than 75 concerts so far in his career, which has earned him approximately $13 million. Despite the fact that most of his concerts are never fully packed like the concerts of other big celebrities like Drake or Jay Z, Mill manages to make a decent cut out of them.

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Album Sales And YouTube Revenue

Meek Mill has released two albums so far in his career – “Dreams and Nightmares” (2012) and “Dreams Worth More than Money” (2015), none of which has RIAA certification. He also had released 4 collaborative albums, two EPs and 9 mix tapes in his early days when he had not managed to start his own record label.

He also has a number of singles to his name, most of which he has uploaded on YouTube. YouTube adds $4 million to his bank account, which is more than his album sales.

Ad Deals And Endorsements

Even though big brands like Puma and Skull Candy Headphones have signed Mill on, he only makes $1 million a year from them.

Added Expenses

Meek Mill was convicted of drug possession and intake back in 2009. His addiction considerably drained most of his income at the time. Around the same time, he was arrested for the possession of illegal firearms. He was  in a house arrest a few months ago due to the violation of parole.

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During the one month that he has to serve his house arrest, Mill was denied by the judge to release any albums or singles for sale. However, he was allowed to release them on YouTube.

Drake VS Meek Mill

His brief shot to fame, before being tagged as Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend was his social media feud with Drake, after Mill called Drake out saying that most of his musical compositions were not his own. He had something similar to say about 50 Cent and Cassidy.

The “Minaj” Factor

If people hated Mill for getting into a feud with Drake before, they hate him even more now ever since he started dating Nicki Minaj. According to Earn The Necklace, dating Nicki is definitely going to be a boost in Mill’s career, if not set him up for life.

In comparison to Mill’s meager $10 million, Nicki already has an impressive $70 million to her name. The couple is incidentally planning to buy a nine-bedroom mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Any guesses as to who will be paying the larger portion of the down payment?

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