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McDonald’s Opting For Fresh Beef In Quarter Pounders

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McDonald’s Opting For Fresh Beef In Quarter Pounders

McDonald’s has announced that it will begin using fresh beef to make its Quarter Pounder burger patties. This is the fast food giant’s latest move in response to growing customer preference for fresh and healthy food.

McDonald’s is calling this “the latest step we’re taking to raise the bar.” In the past, McDonald’s said it would use beef that has been flash frozen. Preparing the patties involves grounding fresh beef before freezing to help “seal in the fresh flavor.” This allows the company to stock on frozen burger patties for its restaurants in a short amount of time.

“From there, it usually takes about two to three weeks until the burger is served from the day it was formed,” the fast food giant explained. Using fresh beef, though, the Quarters Pounder burgers will only be prepared upon order.

According to Fortune, switching to fresh beef means the company would convert from a frozen beef supply chain to a refrigerated one. “Doing that at the scale of McDonald’s is not a minor undertaking,” McDonald’s U.S. president Chris Kempczinski remarked. For starters, operators would have to install a refrigerator next to the grill. This is to ensure fresh beef supply for the burgers.

McDonald’s commitment to better food extends to the rest of the menu.

Recently, McDonald’s has been busy making significant changes to its food. This is due to customers now demanding fresh food that does not contain additives or preservatives. To that end, the company recently announced its changes to the process of making chicken nuggets.

According to the company, the Chicken McNuggets are now prepared with 100 percent white chicken meat. It no longer has artificial preservatives, artificial colors or any other flavoring. The fast food giant also made a similar announcement regarding its All Day Breakfast menu. In fact, its pork sausage patty and folded eggs are now free of artificial flavors or colors. Meanwhile, McDonald’s also wants to assure the public that it only serves milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormone rbST.

McDonald’s has announced that the switch to fresh beef will be rolled out across various McDonald’s restaurants by mid-2018.

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